Nature Escapes

Tropical Rainforest Pictures for a Showcase of Jungle Biodiversity

Nature Escapes is chock-full of tropical rainforest pictures and videos to give you a taste of jungle life.

The gallery showcases endangered species of Asia and provides bigger images to view. Plus, it gives me a good excuse to recall the wild places and special jungle journeys visited over the years.

Enjoy these tropical rainforest pictures and find out some interesting facts about tropical rainforest animals and rainforest plants.

Just follow the links in the gallery list or at the bottom of each page.

"It is one of the ironies of tropical rain forest that common species are rare
and rare species are common."

A. Forsyth and K. Miyata (Tropical Nature)

Tropical Rainforest Pictures Galleries

Orang-utans - The Great Apes of Asia

Sumatran Species


Bornean Species


Asia's only great ape is an endangered species. Living in pockets of rainforest protection only on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, these solitary tropical animals are expected to become extinct in a few decades. Illegal logging destroys forests and oil palm plantations expand into jungle habitats.

Take a trip to the Kinabatangan River in Sabah to see view these "red men of the rainforest." Before they go away.

Asian Elephant Species - Two Special Types in Malaysia

Bornean Sub-Species

Asian elephant

Asian elephant

Due to DNA testing, the Bornean elephant is now a new species for Malaysia and the world's smallest elephant. A great discovery for biodiversity, but only about 1200 of these pygmy elephants remain in the wild.

Sighted along the Kinabatangan River to feed in the tall grass, the second image captured a surprised pair as we stopped on the riverbank to peer through the vegetation. I was the other half of the startled pair.

Peninsular Malaysia Species

Asian elephant

Asian elephants differ from African species with small ears, smaller body size, and tusks only on males. These endangered mammals require over 200 kg of food and 150 liters of water each day. Raiding agricultural crops means these big animals need to be relocated to forests away from settlements.

For a close-up view, head to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuaryor try seeing them along the East-West Highway near Temenggor, where they cross the road. Awas Gajah!

Reticulated Python - A Powerful Constrictor

Python Snake

A beautiful snake that glistens in the sun and "resembles a Persian rug," these pythons are found from forests to villages. They reach up to 10 m in length, are good climbers and can be seen coiled around overhanging branches along streams and swamps. If disturbed, they drop into the water and swim away.

Standing in a small boat, I clicked this image as the guide swung into position within a few feet of this gorgeous reptile.

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