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Basic Road Trip Planning Tips

"Prepare for Jungle Adventure"


Do you know what essentials to pack? Are trail conditions good? Some basic road trip planning saves you time and trouble.

Whether it's a week long expedition or just a last minute weekend getaway, know how to make plans for a romp in rainforest habitat.

Jungle fun starts at home.

  • Ever been deep in the jungle with the sky getting dark and no torchlight?
  • Are you in good physical condition to actually enjoy a mountain climb?
  • Did you plan for the unexpected - bad weather, unmarked trails, or lousy equipment?
  • Anyone else know you're going out in the wilderness for a few days?

A nature escape with friends or family gets everyone outdoors. That's the whole idea. But it also gets people out of their normal comfort zone - never-ending trails, pesky leeches, lousy food, no more water. Try to avoid niggling episodes that drain the spirit out of a nature outing.

Road Trip Planning: Basic Instincts

OK ... don't know where to begin?

Here are some basic things to cover before heading off - plus a few more - into remote jungle habitats, wild rivers or mangrove swamps.

Review these basic planning details and see how you can prevent bad starts to any road trip ideas.

Plan For Consider The Following
Group Dynamics level of experience; physical fitness; health issues; type of group; paid or volunteer outing; group size; leaders and followers; expected outdoor experiences; general or special skills required; friends or strangers; costs sharing; equipment and gear loads
Activity Schedule options and alternatives; necessary skills; weather difficulties; easy or challenging activities; time considerations; elevation changes; level of difficulty; safety factors
Pre-Trip Research get info off the Internet; buy a guidebook or map; contact forestry or wildlife officials; review species and habitats; ask other travelers; camping and other facilities; trail options and conditions; permits and fees
Malaysia Weather seasonal variations; safety factors; storm patterns; temperature changes; clothes and gear requirements; water requirements; exposure duration to elements
Unexpected Events plan for changes; prepare for injuries; assess difficulty levels; have a backup plan for rain; keep a pleasant pace and rest; adjust for slower trekkers; start and get back early; watch the weather
Equipment and Food get the right gear; pack the essentials; prepare a first aid kit; personal versus group needs; good fitting footwear; functional fitting backpacks; easy to prepare food; edible and tasty food; dietary restrictions; water availability and quality; menu planning

Road Trip Planning: Outdoor Essentials and Trip Preparation

What to pack and what to leave out is always a dilemma.

You never know when a piece of equipment will come in handy or just be dead weight to lug. Some items are more essential than others - whether it's a day-hike to a waterfall or five-days climbing up a mountain.

For family road trips or just a day in the forest, always pack the essentials and stay trouble free.

Pack List of Outdoor Essentials

  • Malaysia Road Map
    (start in right direction)
  • Locale Map
    (know the main paths to follow)
  • Compass
    (learn the basics first)
  • Torchlight
    (bring extra batteries)
  • Pocketknife
    (handy for everything)
  • Lighter
    (for emergency fires)
  • Candles
    (for emergency light)
  • Waterproof Bag
    (keep valuables dry)
  • First Aid Kit
    (for minor/major mishaps)
  • Change of Clothes
    (keep dry, stay warm)
  • Water Bottle
    (fill up anywhere)
  • Insect Repellent
    (an allowable luxury)
  • Rain Gear or Tarp
    (for protective cover)
  • Plastic Bags
    (separate wet from dry)
  • Extra Food
    (for time miscalculations)
  • Hat or Cap
    (for sun exposure and rattan spines)

  • Trip Preparation Tips

    Road trip planning is always about thinking ahead.

    Enjoyable nature escapes usually depend on taking care of most tasks before getting into the jungle. Review the trip preparation tips below to get clues on what to consider before, during and after any excursion in the wilderness.

    The most important thing to remember: Inform Your Emergency Contact Person.

    Pre-Trip Action meeting with participants to discuss activities and schedule; make equipment list; assess fitness levels; plan route and transportation; arrange for permits; prepare a first aid kit; buy and re-package food supplies; prepare trip pouch for valuables; inform emergency contact person; check weather updates
    Trip Action Keep daily log to reference problems, hazards, and trip details - weather, trail conditions, hiking times, etc.
    Post-Trip Action Inform emergency contact person; discuss trip improvement areas; clean gear and equipment; repair damaged equipment

    Road Trip Planning: Wilderness First Aid Kit

    Plan for accidents to happen, don't wait until someone falls into misfortune. Nothing is worse than being stuck deep in the jungle without any means for medical attention.

    Leech Bite

    Unless you can conjure up rainforest medicines, then carry a hiking first aid kit and know some basic first aid procedures to deal with leech bites and jungle scrapes.

    Know how many people you're trekking with and how long you'll be without access to proper medicine care or assistance.

    Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit to cater to most jungle emergencies is a priority to ensure minor injuries don't fester into major problems.

    >>> Go To Wilderness First Aid Kit

    Road Trip Planning: Travel Resources

    Backpacking Women on the Road
    A savvy site with plenty of advice, resources and inspiration for women who love to travel on their own. Get great information on backpacking travel, safety tips, and money matters.


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