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Redang Island (Pulau Redang)

"Dive Into A Tropical Paradise"


For pure diving and snorkeling adventure amid tropic splendor, Redang tantalizes each visitor with it's amazing array of marine life and placid turquoise waters.

As one of Malaysia's more popular island destinations, its diversity of coral reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles and other underwater attractions provide a colorful parade of biodiversity. Located off the coast of Terengganu, Pulau Redang Marine Park groups nine isles together as a protective area to safeguard marine diversity and especially threatened species like hawksbill and green turtles.

Snorkellers can observe plenty of reef fish just off the jetty or beachfront and even a shipwreck in the shallow waters of the bay. But divers get the best views. Choose a beach or shallow dive, a night dive, a wreck dive, a deep dive or a discovery dive that are all within easy reach of any resort.

With an abundance of soft and hard corals, the waters fill with parrotfish and angelfish, anemone gardens, groupers and wrasses, barracuda, white-tip sharks and rays, and chromatic nudibranch. Out of the water, take a jungle trek over the forested terrain to observe huge tropical trees and experience the biological richness of the rainforest.

For other east coast island adventures check out Tioman Island and Perhentian Island. On the west coast visit Pangkor Island, just a few hours from Kuala Lumpur, or fly to Langkawi Island for fun weekend getaways.

Natural Things To Do

Redang Island Map

Redang Map

Courtesy Department of Marine Park Malaysia

Redang Island: Nature Activities

Redang Island

Tropical Beaches

Sun, sand and spectacular sea life await each visitor to the tropical isles of the marine park. Pristine beaches provide a playground for long days of relaxation and aquamarine waters provide cool comfort amid some of the best coral reefs in Malaysia. And as promised on, "If you're looking for good beaches, you've come to the right place. There are no bad beaches in Redang."

Teluk Dalam-Deep Water Bay - With only one resort, Berjaya Beach, and two long stretches of sandy sanctuary, this well protected bay provides both privacy and serenity. Transparent and calm waters, coupled with a sandy bottom, make it perfect for swimming all day. A jungle road allows easy walking access to both beaches separated by a hill. For those wishing to get to Pasir Panjang, a one-hour jungle trek crosses the valley. The bay also harbors two reefs.
Pasir Panjang-Long Beach - For day and night action head to Long Beach. Resorts, cafes, and beach discos are strung out along this popular beachfront to keep both sunworshipers and party people happy. If you want to avoid the scene, both ends of the beach become quieter. Stroll the entire beach within 20 minutes to find your favorite spot. Reefs located at Tanjung Tengah and Tanjung Mak Cantik are just a walk from the beach for snorkellers.

Redang Marine Park Redang Map
Teluk Kalong - An alternative to the hubbub of Long Beach, stay at Teluk Kalong for peace and quiet. With fewer resorts and visitorsl the three smaller beaches seem more secluded and private, especially in the off-season. And there is little spill-over from Long Beach due to rocky outcrop barriers, with only the northernmost beach accessible. For adventurous snorkellers, black-tip sharks cruise a reef a good distance away from the shoreline.
Marine Park Centre - Become an instant snorkeller at the easy access corals from the jetty at the Marine Park on Pulau Pinang. A popular destination for families and newbies, calm waters offer safe recreation to explore an undersea world of wrasses, triggerfish, parrotfish, damselfish and even moray eels and giant groupers. A shipwreck lies in shallow waters with angelfish, batfish and other creatures hiding among its metal crevices encrusted with coral.

Seasonal Reminders

  • Visiting season from March to October and closed during monsoon season from November to March.
  • Very popular during school holidays, Malaysia holidays and during long weekend breaks.
  • Daily temperatures between 22-33°C (72-92°F) with humidity between 80-87%.
  • Best time to visit from April to September during calm seas.
  • Busiest period from May to August during peak travel holidays.
  • March and October best time to visit without crowds.
  • Best chance to view green turtles and whale sharks during August and September.

Diving & Snorkelling

Recognized for the best coral reefs in Peninsula Malaysia, Redang reveals an underwater art gallery from sea level to sea bottom. Divers can explore coral gardens extending down 20 meters and observe a bonanza of biodiversity.

Most dive sites are near the bays, the islets or just a short speedboat ride away. Choose among beach dives, shallow dives, discovery dives and even night dives with one of the dive operators on the island. Redang

The variety of corals and marine life is astounding. Green and hawksbill turtles roam the healthy reefs on the island's north side near the protected beach of Chagar Hutang.

Coral gardens and sponges decorate two seamounts near Pasir Panjang that teem with cowries, pufferfish, barracuda and stingrays.

At Teluk Kalong, sharks sleep under rocks and stonefish and scorpionfish hide among the coral concealed with perfect camouflage.

Experienced divers able to handle strong currents can plunge along the rocky outcrop of Pulau Pinang to find the slope full of soft corals, sea whips and sea fans and sightings of blacktip sharks, turtles, jacks, jellyfish and snappers.

Many reefs abound with staghorn, table, lettuce and boulder corals with outrageous sea slugs and Christmas tree worms serving as fashion accessories.

For snorkellers, the reef at Tanjung Tengah (also called Shark Bay) nurses baby blacktip shark pups, along with turtles, squids and triggerfish; while Tanjung Mak Cantik off Pasir Panjang harbours giant clams, groupers, sea snakes and a colorful assortment of reef fish.

Jungle Trekking


Wild orchids, white-bellied sea eagles, macaque monkeys and panoramic island vistas await those going jungle trekking. Two hilly ridges split the terrain into a valley where the river empties into a mangrove forest before reaching the sea.

The other habitats on Redang comprise of freshwater swamp forest and hill dipterocarp forest to make a jungle excursion an opportunity to discover a variety of flora and fauna.

Grab a camera and spend a day trekking to gain an appreciation of the rainforest and the ecology of a tropical island. Start off with the most accessible trails first and seek a nature guide for more adventurous trekking endeavours.

Jungle Trails

Pasir Panjang-Teluk Dalam - A well-marked path between these two popular spots makes it easy follow your way through the rainforest. Go slow, look up tree trunks and listen for movement to observe lizards, butterflies, bats and birds.
Pasir Panjang-Teluk Kalong - From the jetty at Laguna Resort go around the bay past Redang Bahtera Resort and continue on to reach Kalong beach. This trek is not difficult. Access to the other Kalong beaches is cut off by rocky outcrops; it's easier to snorkel around than climb.
Tanjung Tengah Hill - Climb to the top of the hill to get a great snapshot of Pasir Panjang. A small path from Shark Bay leads to steep rocks with a blue rope for passing over the rocks. There are a few paths on this hill, so first check with local staff to find the correct entry.
Mangrove Forest - For a change of habitat, hike over to the mangroves to observe different tree and animal species. As breeding and feeding grounds for many fish and crustaceans, birds and reptiles take advantage of the readily available food supply.

Turtle Conservation

One of the key South China Sea island outposts for nesting sea turtles, three species (Green, Hawksbill and Olive-Ridley) return to lay eggs on several of Redang's isolated beaches. Though some turtles nest at Pasir Panjang and Teluk Dalam, most prefer to land at Pasir Chagar Hutang and other more protected areas.

Chances of Survival?

For over 15 years, researchers at the Turtle Research and Rehabilitation Group, formerly known as SEATRU, set out to incubate all turtle eggs laid on Chagar Hutang.

Each saved egg replenishes depleted stocks reduced by loss of eggs to monitor lizards, the local practice of consuming eggs, and adult deaths at sea due to capture in fishing nets.

The conservation of over 4,800 green and 90 hawksbill turtle nests via 24-hour guards means hundreds of thousands of hatchlings got a head start towards surviving the perilous journey to the sea. Even in the water, marine turtles face insurmountable odds to reach maturity and return as breeding adults to the same beach.

Tourists are not allowed on the beach except through a special volunteer program to assist in research activities while camping out at the turtle sanctuary.

Redang Island: Hotels & Accommodations

Catering to the all-in-one package crowd, most beachside resorts provide everything you need in one place. Packages usually include meals, boat transport to the island and a snorkelling trip. There are no real budget hotels and fewer options for independent travellers.

Berjaya Redang Beach Resort

Set on a pristine island and tucked away in a sheltered bay, the resort is definately a getaway to beautiful nature scenery and adventur above and below the waters of the South China Sea. Redang hotel

Recreationally, Berjaya Beach Resort offers a fabulous range of activities for the entire family, from kids to adults, to enjoy among a range of choices from a swimming pool, games room, tennis, beach volleyball, and jungle trekking.

The exotic beachfront resort at the secluded northside bay offers the best water sports such as banana boat rides, canoeing, snorkelling, island hopping, and sunset cruises.

Abutting a nearby airstrip, Berjaya Air has made travelling easier with daily flights of only 1 hour 15 minutes journey from Kuala Lumpur Subang Airport to Redang.

Check prices and book your holiday at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort

Laguna Redang Island Resort

Facing dazzling turquoise waters and located on 20 acres of the island's finest stretch of beach, Laguna Island Resort offers a perfect environment for nature fun and enchanting tranquility. Redang hotel

Be active with the resort's many fitness facilities including outdoor and indoor swimming pools and a fitness center. And be sure to check out the aquatic recreational activities include diving, sailing and fishing.

Set against a backdrop of fine powder-white sand, crystal-clear waters and emerald hills, the resort is designed as a modern interpretation of traditional Malay architecture.

The low-rise concept blends harmoniously with the environment, making it one of the loveliest resorts in the island.

Check prices and book your holiday at Laguna Redang Island Resort

Coral Redang Island Resort

Coral Redang has a range of 40 detached, semi-detached chalets and standard rooms to choose from. Each chalet or room has air conditioning, fan and hot water heater. Redang hotel

The Matahari Restaurant has a superb sea view and offers a selection of local, continental and BBQ on special days.

Whilst visiting an island blessed with underwater beauty it would be considered a sin not to participate in diving or snorkeling.

A fully equipped Diveshop with qualified instructors and dive masters who can arrange fun diving and snorkeling trips.

Sea kayaks can be hired for an energetic paddle to one of the closer islets, or the untouched tropical jungle can be explored on a guided trek through to the other side of the island.

Check prices and book your holiday at Coral Redang Island Resort

Redang Island: Getting There

Get to the east coast gateway town of Kuala Terengganu (KT) by air, bus or vehicle to start your journey to the island. Daily coach services run day and night from Kuala Lumpur and other major towns.

Fly to KT via Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia with both operating daily flights from Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately train travel direct to KT is not an option.

Package tours usually include transport between arrival by air or coach to KT and the jetty in Merang (not Marang) or the one in KT at Shahbander. Check your resort package rates and be prepared to pay extra charges if not included.

Speedboats and Ferries

The Merang jetty is another 45 minutes from KT and is the main departure point to Redang and Lang Tengah Islands. Speedboats from Merang to Redang take about 40 to 50 minutes. The Shahbandar jetty is located in KT near the General Post Office and Tourist Information Centre. Speedboats from KT to Redang take about 70 to 100 minutes.

  • Most resorts run two trips per day to and from Redang Island.
  • Berjaya Resort and Coral Resort use a common ferry out of KT Shahbandar.
  • Laguna Resort, Redang Reef, and Pelangi Resort use the ferry from Merang.
  • Boats only travel during the day and provide lifejackets for safety.
  • Rough seas and story weather may affect the schedule of departure times.
  • Always check with your resort to confirm proper jetty and departure times.
  • Click here to view a table of general departure times from various resorts.

The best resource for anything related to Redang Island: resorts, diving, packages, how to get there. Full of fantastic images and up-to-date information.

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