How to "Boost Your Business" in 2012
By Tapping Into Our Targeted Visitors

Nature Escapes offers a unique opportunity to boost your business. nature escapes advertising
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Our visitors come to our website when they are planning trips to Malaysia. And local and foreign residents search our site for holiday ideas every week.

If you don't realize the power of the Web to target online markets, then you're spending a lot of money on one-off media advertising.

If you compare the value of advertising on Nature Escapes with offline strategies like magazines, newspapers and brochures, the differences are very real for your business costs.

The Web works 24/7 and all year round.

That means your business is accessible to anyone searching for information on nature tours and tourism in Malaysia. Printed material has a much shorter advertising life.

Visitors using the Web are primed to jump on the best tour package available and get excited about finding a new rainforest adventure or tropical resort.

In reality, print media rarely reaches the customer at the right buying moment and becomes a distraction more than an attraction.

How Can Our Popularity Help Your Nature Business?

Nature Escapes provides valuable nature-tourism information first and foremost. That's the reason for its appeal.

The website "sells" outdoor adventure and fun, nature outings with your kids, natural alternatives to crowded urban malls and ways to connect with the natural beauty of Malaysia.

In fact, I have to remind people that Nature Escapes does not arrange package tours or sell holidays like a travel agent.

For those interested in statistics, here are the numbers:

  • The website averages over 400 to 600 unique visitors per day.
  • The total number of visits to the website exceeds 20,000 per month.
  • The Natural Selections newsletter goes out to over 400 subscribers each month.
  • Visitors arrive from all over the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Philippines, Thailand, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

The key to Nature Escapes popularity is the passion that goes into every destination.

Our goal is to get every local or foreign tourist to explore the rainforest and find the experience rewarding.

How Does Advertising Turn Into Profits for Your Business?

Let me give you an example of how one smart boutique resort owner made a good business decision to reach out to Nature Escapes.

The Dusun is a little 12 acre getaway next to a forest in Negri Sembilan, just an hour from Kuala Lumpur, with a few Malay traditional houses set in quiet natural splendour. Guests also enjoy hikes with Temuan jungle guides and treks to rainforest waterfalls. Dusun

A great place for weekend visitors escaping Kuala Lumpur, the Dusun owners wanted to find a way to increase business during the less busy weekdays. So we started the KL Weekend Getaways section on our website to provide alternative nature choices for our visitors.

With excellent click-through rates as high as 25%, our visitors decided the Dusun was a perfect destination to try out.

"The great benefit we get is to reach international travelers, most of whom stay several days and usually on weekdays. We probably get several bookings per month through your site. So this boosts our occupancy." -- Helen, Owner of the Dusun

Now let's do the business math. The Dusun charges from RM 300 to RM 800 (depending on chalet) for a single night's stay. So even a two-night stay per visit generates sizable revenue for the year.

How will your business benefit from advertising on Nature Escapes for less than RM 15 per day?

  • Our visitors are ready-to-go and actively seeking nature destination alternatives.
  • Nature Escapes gets the attention of foreign travelers and local holiday goers.
  • You can promote special offers and reach more customers with our newsletter.

Which Visitors' Requests Can Your Business Fulfill?

After visitors find and review the destinations on Nature Escapes, they are ready to get out of Kuala Lumpur and get into the jungle.

Every week mothers, business travelers, backpackers and school teachers request where to go camping are kayaking, where to take students outdoors, how to see rainforest animals, or what kind of nature programs are available during breaks.

Got a Nature Getaway Business?

We are seeking to promote good nature tourism experiences in these categories for our visitors.
  • Malaysia beaches
  • Malaysia islands
  • Malaysia resorts
  • Diving Malaysia
  • Malaysia tours
  • Malaysia homestay
  • Malaysia birdwatching
  • Jungle trekking
  • Caving-Rock climbing
  • Whitewater rafting-kayaking
  • Suggest Others?

Normally, I try my best to steer them to a travel agent, an eco-resort, a nature guide or anyone who might satisfy their desire to explore Malaysia's wild habitats to observe nature in the raw.

Now, I want to send them to you. Is your business a solution to fulfill these requests from ready-to-go customers?

Here are a few typical samples:

"We will be in KL for 5 days. Could you suggest some trips to see jungle and wildlife? I am not sure we are equipped or prepared for the Taman Negara 3 day trip." -- Richard, United States

"I am currently researching for a holiday camp for kids. I came across your website and was wondering if you cater for large amounts of people, about 100 kids. The camp should last for 3 days."
-- Thia, Malaysia

"I am running a company that helps European tourists to design their holidays in Malaysia. I am in need of knowledgeable nature guide for nearby excursions .. would you be able to help me out?"
-- Julie, France

"Would like a quote for white water rafting at Sungai Kampar for 10 people." -- Sherlin, Malaysia

"I have two days off after business in KL and would like to get outdoors. Preferably kayak (river or sea) but also anything else you may have."
-- Runar, Norway

As you can see, these visitors are finding Nature Escapes first.

And they want to enjoy the outdoors. They want to employ professional, nature-tourism companies and guides during their holidays.

Choose the Best Strategy for Your Business Ads

We are now developing a couple of advertising models to allow nature-oriented resorts and businesses to benefit from our unique target market.

Remember that we are growing our audience too. We will not remain stagnant. In 2012, we plan to develop nature education materials to encourage more nature tourism activities and alert our visitors to more outdoor options.

Our advertising prices reflect both our "real value" and our ability to reach out to the target market in new and innovative ways.

[Click Here to download a PDF version.]

Option 1 -- Nature Getaways Listing and Webpage (Premium Ads)

Our visitors are ready to participate in jungle photography, birdwatching, rafting and kayaking, wildlife watching, mangrove cruises, Rafflesia treks and other nature tours.

Special 3 for 3 Ad Rate Offer
The first 3 advertising clients in each Nature Getaway category receives an additional 3 bonus months for free.

Being listed first in the category gets the attention and the clicks to your business. So jump in now and reap the revenue early.

The real value of advertising on Nature Escapes is to connect our visitors with your services directly, via the Web, without any delays in decision-making.

Our first priority is selecting nature resorts to add to our very popular KL Weekend Getaways. This is a proven winner for sending a steady stream of visitors to nearby destinations.

Of course, we are also entertaining offers from businesses all over Malaysia as we expand the Nature Getaways section to include other getaways to beaches, rainforests and much more.

Advertising for Nature Getaways:

  • Each Premium Ad advertiser gets a high visibility listing under Nature Getaways
  • Each Premium Ad advertiser gets a separate promo page with direct links to your business (See Dusun example)
  • Each Premium Ad advertiser gets one special newsletter blast to over 400 subscribers
  • Requires either a 6 months or 12 months payment to determine CTR and minimize administration
  • Premium Ad Rates
      • 6 months at RM 2700
      • 12 months at RM 5000

Option 2 -- Destination Page Ads (Regular Ads)

Our visitors are searching for places to go on their holidays and are looking for adventure on extended weekends. The destination pages, such as City Escapes, Great PM Escapes and Borneo Escapes, are prime areas to target for selective advertisements for travel tours, hotels and other services.

Choose any destination page that makes sense for your business outreach and get targeted traffic from visitors seeking accommodations and/or tours.

Review our selection of banner advertising rates to decide on the best approach for your promotional campaign. If you opt for the annual ad rate, then you save over 15% of total costs.

Advertising for Destination Pages:

Top 10 Destinations

These are the hottest vacation spots searched by our visitors in Dec 2011.
  • Kuala Selangor Park
  • Taman Negara
  • Redang Island
  • KL Weekend Getaways
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Perhentian Island
  • Penang Island
  • Peninsula Malaysia Vacations
  • Tioman Island
  • Langkawi Island
   125 x 125 Ad Rates
  • 6 months at RM 450
  • 12 months at RM 900
  • (Left Column Only)
   180 x 180 Ad Rates
  • 6 months at RM 900
  • 12 months at RM 1500
  • (Right Column Only)
      180 x 600 Ad Rates
  • 6 months at RM 1800
  • 12 months at RM 3000
  • (Right Column Only)

Option 3 -- Nature Escapes Sponsorship

A limited number of sponsorships are available for nature companies to benefit from our support based on a mutual respect for providing real nature adventure and the best professional services. .

Please review our sponsorship details

(Separate webpage with direct links, reservation form, review and customer comments are available for this option.)

Take Action to Boost Your Business

The internet is now the first choice information source. Tourists are savvy and searching for the right holiday experience. They realize that a little research goes a long way towards finding the perfect vacation.

Nature Escapes encourages them to explore Malaysia and really get off the beaten path to rewarding jungle treks and relaxing tropical island hangouts.

Now it's your turn to provide them with the best option for a comfortable nature outing or a thrilling rainforest romp for a memorable experience in the outdoors.

How to Reach Our Visitors:

  • Select an ad campaign to promote your business
  • Fill out the form and let us know the details
  • Payment can be made via local bank transfer or Paypal
  • Track your ad progress with click-through rates
  • Take care of your visitors with professional courtesy

Special Note: If the above options do not meet your needs, then let's brainstorm a solution that works. Send your idea to Rick[at]

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