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Mulu National Park

"Sarawak's Stunning Wilderness Adventure"


Everything about Mulu National Park evokes the exotic and rugged quality of Borneo. Whether you travel upriver by boat for hours or fly over mountain jungles in minutes, get to Mulu for the best of rainforests and remote wilderness.

As Sarawak's largest park, three mountain peaks - Gunung Api, Gunung Mulu, Gunung Benarat - dominate the limestone landscape and conceal colossal cave chambers and passageways.

The wild scenery displays amazing natural formations like the sharp-pointed Pinnacles that rise out of the stunted forest and natural wonders like the exodus of millions of bats from Deer Cave.

With a wonderful mix of natural habitats, including peat swamps, montane forests and karst outcrops, Mulu National Park packs a lot of nature's bounty in a single destination.

Natural Things To Do

Mulu National Park: Nature Attractions

Cave Observations

A world class caving adventure, the limestone caves at Mulu National Park comprise some of the best show caves on the planet. Cave passages extend for over 100 km with some of the biggest natural caverns (Sarawak Chamber) and passages (Deer Cave) known to exist.

Four of these unique underground habitats with easy access walkways and lighting are open to public viewing.

Deer Cave - Once an ancient burial ground for local Penan and Berawan tribes, this enormous cave passage measures 2 km long and 90 m in height. Concrete walkways aid visitors to avoid guano covered cave floors and lead them through the damp and dim habitat. Mulu National Park
flickr/Hessef Photography

Deeper inside find features such as the 'Adam and Eve Shower', where water pours through a hollow stalactite; the 'Garden of Eden', and a picturesque ceiling hole with dangling creepers illuminated by sunlight. A 3 km trek on a boardwalk gains you access to the cave from Park HQ.

Clearwater Cave - The longest passage in Southeast Asia at over 100 km, the cave is a labyrinth of underground rivers and caverns formed millions of years ago. Adding to the atmosphere, moss hangs on stalactites and dropstone formations and stalagmites mark ancient deposits on the cave floor. Plankwalks and small floating bridges allow easier walking for visitors and the formations make for good cave photography. Climb steps to enter and exit the cave and enjoy a picnic and cool swim at the crystalline pool just outside.

Wind Cave - Hidden in a steep limestone cliff above the Melinau River, cool winds blast out of the cave entrance that is part of the Clearwater system. An impressive array of flowrocks, rock corals, stalactites and stalagmites decorate the cave walls and passages. Other chambers are penetrated by daylight, while the 'King's Room' contains formations resembling a throne.

Lang's Cave - Nearby to Deer Cave, this small and spectacular cave features sculptured rock curtains and delicate, twisted and transparent formations. Lighting helps aid visibility and luster to these attractive and ancient artworks.

Bat Watching

Animals also expresses themselves in the spectacular at Mulu National Park. Though 27 species of bats inhabit the park, nothing compares to the millions of Wrinkle-lipped bats exiting Deer Cave in undulating streams of winged frenzy. Mulu National Park
flickr/El Rabbit

A massive exodus occurs most evenings as the nocturnal creatures search for tasty insects thriving in the rainforest biome.

The large colony of bats roosting high on cave walls and ceilings deposit layers of guano on the cave floor that gives off a peculiar and pungent ammonia-like smell.

Visitors are sure to be able to catch part of this nature show since it lasts for over an hour. Watch for Bat Hawks and Peregrine Falcons taking advantage of this mid-air buffet to feast on emerging bats.

Trek To Pinnacles

Nestled in forest valley on the slopes of Gunung Api, the Pinnacles (1200 m) are a series of blade-shaped limestone rocks sticking upright like daggers in the dense jungle. One of the most dramatic natural displays in all of Borneo. Mulu National Park
flickr/ D.Y.

The challenging 3-day jungle trek starts with a 1-2 hour boat ride on the Melinau River and a 2-3 hour hike in lowland terrain to Camp 5 near the Melinau Gorge.

To reach the Pinnacle Summit, trekkers must begin early and traverse hill and mossy forest before arriving at the vertical lookout point four hours later. Laid out in panoramic splendor, the Pinnacles take away what breathe is left after the jungle ordeal.

Since everyone must return to Camp 5 before sundown, this leaves little time to loiter along the trail, so its best to be fit and enjoy the adventure.

Adventure Caving

For those seeking a real cave adventure with all the down and dirty delights, try arranging an off-trail exploration into the rock crevices, underground rivers and loads of muck. Mulu National Park
Photo: Dave Clucas

Certainly not for everyone, but those who are fit with a little climbing and abseiling experience may be up to the challenge of descending into the depths of Clearwater and Wind Caves.

Come prepared with your own technical gear for full-day trips and stayovers at jungle camps. Most caves have fixed ropes for short climbs.

Arrange caving adventure trips with Park HQ or tour operators specializing in this activity. Be sure to assess your own capabilities for a safe outing and hire the best equipment and guides available.

Mulu National Park: Getting There

From Peninsula Malaysia or other towns in Sarawak, travel to Miri, the gateway to Mulu. Those wanting to stretch out the experience can take a boat on the Baram River from Kuala Baram to Marudi and on to Long Terawan. Check with tour agents to organise these long trips, since there is no regular service.

By air, Mulu National Park is reachable from Miri and Limbang in less than an hour by using Twin Otter aircraft. Besides saving time, flying gives you a chance to take aeriel photos of this remote wilderness.

Park Headquarters

Visitors are required to register and pay the entrance fee (usually RM 10 per person) or other park fees at the registration counter. The Park HQ also has a cafeteria for food and beverages and an information centre. Boat services and guides are also available.


Park accommodation consists of chalet units, a rest house and hostel-style rooms. There are cooking facilities for simple meals. Please contact the National Parks Booking Office in Miri for the latest room rates and to make reservations.

Private run lodges and rest houses are adjacent to the park, including the 5-star Royal Mulu Resort.

Reservations & Enquiries

National Parks Booking Office
Visitors Information Centre
Lot 452, Jln Melayu, 98000 Miri
Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: 6085-434180 Fax: 085-434179


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