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The Malaysian Nature Society, better known as MNS, is approaching 70 years of promoting the study, appreciation, conservation and protection of Malaysia's natural heritage.

Let that really sink in; that's from 1940 to 2010.

That timeframe covers a lot of ground and, more importantly, the work lead to the protection of many key habitats safeguarded by national and state parks.

Early conservation work focused on the Giant Leathery Turtle; later on members organized scientific expeditions to study the flora and fauna of Endau Rompin and Belum helped saved these nature havens from progress with a chainsaw.

MNS is the largest membership based environmental organization in the country.

As a strong voice for conservation in Malaysia, MNS, together with its members, partners and supporters, promotes responsible environmental stewardship.

In addition, the society plays a pivotal role in providing nature education and recreation programs.

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MNS: How The Society Works For Conservation

Conservation Unit

In consultation with federal and state governments, MNS conserves important habitats through policy and advocacy, research and data collection, and conservation campaigns that engage local communities and the general public.

Environmental Education Unit

nature education

The society raises public awareness, with an emphasis among school children, through project involvement and hands-on experience. They have established school nature clubs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to teach the importance of the environment and nature conservation.

MNS Publications

Members receive the Malaysian Naturalist, a popular quarterly periodical, and the Malayan Nature Journal, a scientific periodical. These publications relay key conservation messages to the public by educating and increasing awarness on the environment.

Parks Unit

MNS manages nature parks (e.g. Kuala Selangor) to primarily raising public appreciation for wild animals and our environment. Nature parks bring allow the public to better understanding our natural surroundings.

MNS: How To Get Active

Enthusiastic volunteers organize Special Interest Groups (SIG) to run outdoor activities for members.

These groups work on conservation, education and recreational programs. Every month these groups take newbies and pros to wild places to enjoy their particular interest in nature.

SIGs also schedule nature talks by amateurs and researchers to enlighten the public on flora and fauna and environmental issues.

  • If you want to get outdoors more ... join MNS.
  • If you want to explore rainforests and marine parks ... join MNS.
  • If your kids enjoy chasing frogs and identifying birds ... join MNS.
  • If you like outdoor photography or crawling inside caverns ... join MNS.
  • If you're not sure what you really like about nature ... join MNS and find out.

Marine Group nature education

Besides great diving trips in tropical waters, the Marine SIG works to preserve marine ecology with activities such as annual reef checks, island festivals, basic snorkeling classes for children and marine education courses.

Birding Group

Birdwatching is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Malaysia. The Birding SIG is very active with plenty of weekend trips for observation, annual courses for beginners, monitoring of important bird areas and the annual Raptor Watch Weekend, held in Melaka to count migratory birds of prey.

Photo Group

The Photo Groups works towards capturing the beauty of nature and the nation's natural heritage to aid conservation. This SIG conducts activities such as an annual beginners course for nature photography, photo talks and tips sessions and nature photography expeditions throughout Malaysia.

Path Finders Group

Finding new wild places to explore and even checking out some old trails, the Path Finders SIG specializes in jungle trekking, mountain climbing and camping in remote and awe struck natural landscapes.

Caving Group

Enjoy the outdoors by going deep inside. Learn how to explore the caverns of limestone formations and tackle the challenges of small spaces. The Caving SIG offers plenty of assistance with basic caving courses, cave explorations and even beginner courses for children.

Herpetofauna Group Raptor Watch

Search for colorful and cryptic amphibians and reptiles and introduce your kids to the little wonders of nature with the Herp SIG. Go out day or night to explore FRIM or Bukit Gasing and other habitats to find tree frogs, softshell turtles, mangrove snakes and flying lizards. And enjoy indoor talks on these fascinating creatures.

Nature Guides Group

Are you interested in getting a guided tour of the great outdoors? Would you like to know more about rainforest birds, flying mammals, or other jungle animals and wild plants. The Nature Guides SIG is a band of volunteers that make each trip into the tropical rainforest a special one. Ask them to lead your group on a trek.

Flora Group

Rainforest plants provide an endless source of fascination. Rafflesia and pitcher plants are the best known, but the Flora SIG can show you the abundant diversity of forest habitats. Besides identifying wild plants on trails and projects, the group gives guided botanical walks and talks to schools and other nature enthusiasts.

Green Living Group

Everyone can contribute to the cause of environmental protection in a meaningful way, whether in your home, office or city. The Green Living SIG promotes a more sustainable way of life and raises awareness on issues such as energy use, waste reduction, composting, organic farming, pesticide use, water use, recycling and smart consumerism.

Support the Malaysian Nature Society

MNS is a non-profit organization that depends on grants, funds and donations to carry out conservation work. There are many ways to contribute, please find one that fits you and do what you can.

Donate To A Cause: Donations to MNS are tax exempt. You can opt to donate to a project or give to the general Nature Conservation and Education Fund.

Join And Add Your Voice: MNS is an avenue for the Malaysian public to be involved in voicing out their concerns about the natural environment. Your membership gives MNS a stronger voice when discussing conservation issues with decisions makers. A membership is also an invitation to the great outdoors where the elephants and hornbills roam. Join Malaysian Nature Society

Volunteer For The Environment: Volunteers are the ground force to achieve conservation and education goals. MNS volunteers contribute in running the library to coordinating national school nature club programs. They also serve as conservation advisors and field trainers.

Work For The Environment: Working for MNS is not just a job, it's a passion. Your duties will take you deep in the jungle to help conserve Malaysia's ancient tropical rainforest, endangered animals and wild plants.

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