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The goal of Nature Escapes is to get you to explore the natural world. Sometimes you need a little guidance.

Remember that Nature Escapes does not provide any packaged nature tours. So we are asking for eco-operators to offer their services via advertising and special promo pages to assist your trip planning efforts.

The Malaysia Nature Tours Guide is a starting point for you to find the best option for discovering Malaysia's rainforests, beaches and tropical islands to observe fascinating wildlife and exotic plants or just chill-out on a perfect holiday getaway.

Using private facilties, guides and services can eat a big chunk of your travel budget, so think long and hard about your holiday priorities and how to maximize your nature experience.

5 Reasons to Pay for Eco-tourism Adventure

Despite the added expenses, there are some major benefits for choosing to pay for a reputable ecotourism or nature-oriented business:

  • Safety and Comfort -- Going it alone in the jungle is not wise. Nature tourism companies should provide the proper safeguards and be ready for emergencies or injuries and have communication and backup plans.
  • Local Expertise -- Ecotourism companies are usually staffed with local residents that know the terrain, the wildlife and seasonal variations that can all add up to a more rewarding experience.
  • Awareness and Information -- Nature interpretation at many destinations is non-existant. Spending some extra cash for a guide or nature tour pays you back tenfold with an education about wild species, ecology and much more.
  • Gear and Equipment -- Nature tourism companies usually have the all the right gear for your outdoor adventure, so you don't have to haul special equipment on your own.
  • Sharing the Experience -- As long as it's not a tour bus, then sharing the nature outing with a small group of like-minded tourists can enhance the overall trip and provide some interesting conversations at camp.

Nature Trip Advisor (Coming Soon)

Nature Escapes is developing a new service to provide one-on-one trip advice for nature travelers in Malaysia. (More details later.)

Search by Nature Tour Category

The following categories are intended to narrow down your selections based on the kind of nature activities you want to focus on. Just click on the appropriate link to review nature company listings for a specific outdoor activity:

          • Beaches-Islands
          • Homestay Programs
          • Jungle Trekking
          • Mountain Biking
          • Nature Photography
          • Nature Resorts
          • Rafting-Kayaking
          • Wildlife Watching

Nature Tours Disclaimer

Nature Escapes does not endorse any company or service advertised on the website since we are unable to vet each one.

Please research all private ecotourism operators thoroughly to avoid disappointment with pricing or quality of nature outings.

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