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Kuala Lumpur Mountain Biking Trails

"Rumble Through the Jungle on Wheels"


Get a great jungle workout on Kuala Lumpur mountain biking trails or just enjoy a day out riding in natural surroundings.

Riding in the rainforest may have its hazards, but the thrills of flying down a single-track or toughing out a hill climb override the hassles.

Not all biking trails are tough. You can choose to cruise among the bamboo thickets and reservoirs for a flatland ride or just walk your mountain bike past the rough spots.

A good way to begin mountain biking is to join one of the mountain biking clubs on weekend trips to nearby jungles. These groups offer a chance to explore different nature sites and share rides with enthusiastic riders.

If you're not sure how to buy a mountain bike, check out the mountain bike shop directory to find a suitable bike and price range. An important part of riding in tropical rainforests is to be safe and smart on the trail. Read up on these basic mountain biking tips and rules that every rider should know in advance.

Mountain biking can be risky. Check out the mountain biking safety tips to learn how to keep control of your mountain bike to maintain the fun.

And take some advice on wearing proper bike gear and some tips on how to give first aid to fallen riders.

Stick to the main access trails not unless you venture out with a local mountain biking group or include an experienced biker who knows the layout and condition of the trail. Trail information is rarely up-to-date and changes occur without notice.

Kuala Lumpur Mountain Biking Trails: Categories

  • City Trails - These sites are those most used by city slickers on weekends and offer a variety of terrain from long, flat trails to uphill climbs.

  • Bike Hash Trails - Sites recommended by the KL Mountain Biking Hash Club that require a compass or GPS unit to follow the correct bike path.

Please note that Nature Escapes will try to add to the list of Kuala Lumpur mountain biking trails. If you have suggestions please use the contact form.

Kuala Lumpur Mountain Biking Trails: City Trails

mountain biking Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

Located just minutes away in Kepong, this is the place to start your mountain biking journey. The trails meander through tall rainforest trees with plenty of shade and even the chance for wildlife sightings.

Start off on the Rover Track and branch off for longer rides.

One track leads to an isolated forest hill with winding road climbs and lots of brush. Another trail splits to a cruise all the way to Sungai Buloh and back.

Batu Dam biking Batu Dam Mountain Biking

Try out some full-throttle downhill biking or just take a ride in the woods. Nothing beats the jungle habitat surrounding the scenic lakeside trails for a great nature workout.

With two main paths to choose from, the canopy-covered road turns to singletrack and rises slowly across bamboo thickets, streams and challenging slopes.

One of the best mountain biking trails to ride just outside Kuala Lumpur.

mountain biking

Bukit Kiara Urban Trails

The hallowed ground of mountain biking enthusiasts in the Klang Valley, this urban park remains a haven for joggers, bikers and horse riders every weekend.

A mixture of awesome singletrack trails, many noted for their technical difficulty, that spread over 15 kilometers.

Test your mountain biking mettle and fitness on these wonderful trails and help out with preserving them by joining up with TRAKS.

Kuala Lumpur Mountain Biking Trails: KL Bike Hash Trails

It is advisable to visit the links to the main Bike Hash website and seek updates on these trails. Better yet, join the Bike Hash or other bike groups going out on new trails.

KL Area Trails

Ulu Gombak Traverse

This off-road trail runs for 18 km or more and traverses the Ulu Gombak Reserve, from Kampung Kemensah in Ulu Klang to Kampung Sungai Pusu in Gombak. You can ride the trail from either direction, but it is more rideable if starting from Pusu. From Kemensah, though, there's a fast 4 km off-road downhill at the end.

Either way, you'll have to cycle about 14 km on the road between Pusu and the end of the off-road section near Kemensah, unless you've arranged a shuttle beforehand. mountain bike

Kampung Sungai Pusu

Kampung Sungai Pusu provides access to the jungle trails in the Hulu Gombak Forest Reserve. The trails pass through lowland and hill forests. Some of the trails will take you into the Klang Gates water catchment area, and ultimately to the lake itself.

There are two areas that will be dealt with separately, the trails south-east of Kampung Sungai Pusu, and those heading north and north-east of the village. From Pusu, you can also traverse the Ulu Gombak forest reserve to Kampung Kemensah in Ulu Klang.

Kg Kemensah to Sg Chongkak

This trail starts at Kampung Kemensah, at the back of the National Zoo in Ulu Klang, and continues East across the range of hills that separates Ampang and Ulu Klang from Ulu Langat. It emerges at the Sungai Chongkak recreational area, about 1km North of Kampung Batu 18, on the Ulu Langat road. The trail is about 14 kilometres long, a substantial proportion of which is jungle singletrack.

Outside KL Trails

Sungai Dua, Pahang

Kampung Sungai Dua is located in Pahang, near the town of Karak, slightly over an hour's drive out of KL. The Sungai Dua trail, located just past Kg Sungai Dua, is an arduous 40 kilometre out-and-back 4wd trail that goes deep into the Lentang forest reserve. The principal attraction of the trail is the impressive 100-foot Kerau waterfall located at its end.

Jim Thompson Loop, Cameron Highlands

Named after the American who single-handedly resurrected the Thai silk industry after World War II, Thompson came to the Cameron Highlands in 1967 for a holiday, went for a hike, and was never seen again. The ride is a 47 km loop through the Bertam Valley and Boh Tea Plantations of the Cameron Highlands, half on tarmac and half on rough doubletrack.


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