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Discover A Jungle Waterfall Or Wild River for Family Outings and Adventure

Wild and excitable or serene and quiet, jungle waterfalls and forest rivers offer a variety of outdoor and adventure travel options.

Many streams filter down from gentle slopes to linger through forest parks and settle into cool waterfall pools for a delightful dip.

Hill forests slow down and absorb rainfall from tropic showers that collects in valley basins and exits rushing over rocky river wilderness.

Rafting or kayaking these jungle waterways provides an intense view of the awesome power and long journey of water back to the sea.

Jungle waters are life-giving to the rainforest, soul-soothing for the visitor and an excellent way to spend a day in the jungle or out in the tropic air.

There are plenty of choices, not only jungle waterfalls, wild rivers and forest streams, but freshwater swamps, lakes and wetlands too.

Jungle Waterfalls: Relax And Soak Your Spirits


With the rainforest canopy shading out the bright sun, nestle into a cool water cove and enjoy a refreshing jungle bath after an invigorating walk on the trails.

Or pack some picnic food and head off to find a quiet tropical waterfall with the mist to cool you off.

Jungle waterfalls are extremely popular weekend destinations for those looking for a break from the city or a place to get the kids a dose of fresh air.

Check out these destinations for suggestions on where to enjoy a waterfall getaway. Some are suitable for kids, while others require more trekking fitness.

Forest Rivers: Thrills With Spills

The options are endless when visiting a jungle river. Take a nature walk, relax in a shallow stream, linger the day away with a riverside picnic, watch the kids find frogs, read a book in fresh tropic air, test out your photography skills ... and that's just for starters.


For a more challenging forest river experience try whitewater kayaking or rafting down a water highway with all the excitement of a video game, only real.

For a more tranquil ride, take the family on a night time river cruise to catch the firefly fireworks, a fascinating natural spectacle.

Forest rivers are accessible from the many recreational forests (Hutan Lipur) in Peninsular Malaysia or via nature outfitters who specialize in river activities.

Freshwater Swamps And Lakes: Wetland Adventure

Nature trips to wetland habitats are not all the same. Some are freshwater swamps where local communities, including the Orang Asli, live off the bounty of fish, aquatic plants and the surrounding forests. swamp

Many of Malaysia's large lakes were formed by dams that flooded lowland forests and left only a sea of hilltops exposed above water.

Take a cruise on these scenic lakes to feel the wind and observe the forested horizon before stepping out in the jungle.

Whether natural or manmade, these freshwater habitats offer refuge to wetland animals and provide a different type of outdoor experience.

  • Kuala Selangor
  • Tasik Bera
  • Tasik Chini
  • Lake Temengor
  • Kuala Gula Wetlands
  • Paya Indah
  • Pedu Lake
  • Lake Kenyir

  • Mangrove Forests: Coastal Habitat Havens

    Dotted along the Malaysian coastline are mangrove forest habitats that protect the land and provide feeding and breeding grounds for aquatic species. mangrove forest

    Stilt-rooted mangrove trees buffer sea waves and exhibit special adaptations for living in salt water.

    Though not large, these trees are harvested to use for poles and even charcoal production.

    Mangrove swamps are also important as stopover sites for migratory birds and harbor a variety of water birds, crabs, mudskippers, among others.

    • Kuala Selangor
    • Matang Forest
    • Pulau Kukup
    • Kuala Gula

    • Jungle Waterfalls: Resources

      Waterfalls of Malaysia
      The premier site for information on Malaysia's waterfalls. Grouped by state and access rating, the site offers great pictures, good directions and up-to-date comments from visitors to the numerous jungle waterfalls scattered all over the nation.

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