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Find A Jungle Trekking Hike or Challenge That Fits Your Fitness and Fun Level


Tropical jungle trekking stimulates a sensory overload.

Rainforest hiking amid giant trees, sheltered under a green canopy and surrounded by thousands of forest plants and tropical animals elicits exaggerated feelings.

Upon seeing the jungle, Charles Darwin marveled at the "luxuriance of the vegetation" that "filled me with admiration."

Even Christopher Columbus decided that after discovering "trees beautiful and green, and different from ours" that he had found the Garden of Eden.

No wonder others have called these lofty forests "the apex of creation."

You may not envision a new scientific theory or land on a new continent, but you will find a way to connect to the rainforest.

Once you get a handle on perspiration and respiration, then inspiration usually kicks in. A spiritual energy exists in these tree temples that sharpens the mind and exhausts the body.

A tropical rainforest is one of the most diverse structures on the planet. But it's okay to just go jungle trekking and enjoy the simplicity of getting away from it all.

"Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."

Henry David Thoreau, American Naturalist

Jungle Trekking Trail Ratings

Jungle trails are hard to rate for everyone. The difficulty level of each trek depends on terrain and weather conditions and the fitness of the user. Broad categories help you to choose a trail but always remember to use your common sense first.

Let's use the following categories to get you started. Many sites include more than one hiking category:

  • Easy - good trail conditions; low elevation and flat terrain; small hills; walking for exercise
  • Moderate - good and bad trail conditions; some elevation changes; expect hill slopes
  • Tough - rugged trail conditions; exposed ridges; steep hills and climbs

Jungle TrekkingJungle TrailJungle HikingHiking

Jungle Trekking Options

There are plenty of rainforests, wetlands and highlands from which to choose the right hiking experience. The broad categories below will help you to find a suitable jungle trail.

Review the information at each individual location and get a sense of what kind of conditions to expect, what kind of wildlife may be present or what activities to try out with family or friends.

Also check out more information on staying safe in the jungle and the hazards of Malaysia weather with these tips and advice:

Jungle Trekking For Kids and Newbies (Easy)

Frassers Hill

Take the kids out for a walk in forest habitat or enjoy a jungle waterfall or stream. Great places for picnic ideas and a good way to begin the rainforest experience.

  • Bukit Nanas
  • FRIM
  • Kanching Forest
  • Selangor Park
  • Fraser's Hill
  • Taman Ampang
  • Lentang Park
  • Templer's Park
  • Gabai Waterfall
  • Sungai Tekala
  • Sungai Chongkak
  • Tasik Bera
  • Tasik Chini
  • Matang Mangroves

  • Jungle Trekking For The Heart Rate (Moderate)


    Be prepared to sweat and increase the intensity going uphill. These trails get deeper into the jungle in a search for tropical animals and special plants.

    • Fraser's Hill
    • FRIM
    • Kanching Forest
    • Laila Sari
    • Cameron Highlands
    • Temenggor
    • Ulu Geroh
    • Taman Negara Merapoh
    • Kuala Selangor
    • Mount Ophir
    • Bukit Gasing
    • Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)
    • Lata Kinjang

    • Jungle Trekking For Explorers (Tough)


      Highland trekking in montane habitats, jungle hikes up mountain slopes and other rugged terrain make for long days and exhausted limbs.

      • Maxwell Hill-Bukit Larut
      • Cameron Highlands
      • Klang Gates Ridge
      • Taman Negara
      • Taman Negara Merapoh
      • Mount Ophir
      • Temenggor Rainforest

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