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Noah Jackson

Noah Jackson shoots forest pictures and believes that images can change the world. Or maybe our way of seeing and thinking about it.

He believes images can make people act: "it's not really enough anymore just to hope for change."

Forest Voices, a conservation photography project, now merges his passions for imagery, using modern equipment, and rainforests to illustrate and preserve traditional lifestyles. Nature Escapes seeks to broaden the awareness of conservation projects and asks for your support through photograph purchases or donations.

The Penan, the Iban, the Orang Sungai and other indigenous peoples of Malaysia live in the tropical rainforests of Sarawak and Sabah. These forest communities survive on their grit, wit and wisdom.

The battle to balance traditional forest use with excessive logging remains a dilemma for the livelihood of these forest-dependent communities.

Noah honed his field photo lab techniques as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. Since then, he's worked with forest communities in Montana, the Bahamas and Costa Rica. (see About Noah)

With a U.S. Fulbright scholarship, Noah spent the last year in Borneo, where he developed methods of participatory photography by giving forest communities cameras. Still based in Borneo, he continues to develop community workshops, book projects and forest pictures in the region.

Forest Pictures and Rainforest Communities

rainforest people

Forest Voices conveys how the relations between forest health and community health are intrinsically linked.

"The World is not flat. It is shaped with islands of trees and people," explains Noah. And forest communities are rooted in every jungle path, logging road or river bend that connects the forest to the outside world.

Capturing life on these forest fringes is a key focus of his work. This includes both endangered rainforest habitat and the people who live along forest edges and inside primary forest. (see Forest Edge Portfolio)

"My images do not always stand alone. I often combine essays, story, writing, and interviews to document local ecological knowledge, endangered forest practices, and local forest communities' hopes, visions, and dreams."

"It's that interaction I seek in making my images and an understanding of the more intimate aspects of forests."

Share this great adventure of working with rainforests and forest communities. Below are a few samples of photographs from the Borneo Galleries and from the latest gallery of forest pictures from Indonesia and Malaysia. Enjoy these images of the rainforest.

There are more galleries to view on the official Forest Voices-Hope in Light website. And download a free 8x10 picture for your personal use.

Borneo Galleries

A forest headman once asked Noah: "How can a forest being carved up by logging be saved?"

"In these images of the forest and people, I like to think there are some beginnings of answers" says Noah. "The forest swallows you whole and spits you out during the walking and learning process. It leaves you stumbling; it leaves you amazed. Life persists. Leech scars heal."

"People across the world in the forest embrace me and show all of us that there are some lessons to be learned."

The Borneo Galleries are divided into three sections:

Forest Dreams, Portraits, and Visions

hornbill rainforest people mount kinabalu

"I put down the hardwood paddle and heard the familiar wingbeats of a hornbill."

"Holding my breath in the silence and in the fog, I tripped the shudder while we both glided."

"Listening to hornbill legends, eating fresh river fish and being ready for the morning light is to be home. To be at home is to also be open to learning, sharing, and living with one another."

"To many forest communities, that's what hornbills are about."

Forest Teachers and Learners

"This young gibbon became an orphan when it's mother was shot accidentally by a hunter."

"The girl in this forest community has taken the gibbon in as her own. She is teaching it to forage for wild fruits and take shelter in trees."

"When the gibbon is old enough, it will be released back into the forest. This is the custom of many traditional forest Penan."

Playing With the Earth

"I accompanied several families on a long gathering trip."

"To reach one section of forest we walked for hours on an abandoned logging road, stopping to take breaks in the shade."

"When we finally re-entered the primary forest and the protection of the canopy, the temperature dropped dramatically."

"We cut liana vines and drank the cool water."

Islands of Trees, Landscapes of People Gallery

mount kinabalu


"The fog was upon me and in between the cold and the memory, I had a vision of myself as a forest migrant, harvester, and a documenter of these worlds that represent challenge, opportunity and transition."

"Days later I found myself volunteering in a native tree nursery. Among other things, I'm spending this year trying to figure out what makes those of us who feel compelled to set aside trees and plant community forests."

"'We do it because we are compelled to,'" one Malaysia tree planter told me. 'Needing to save our communities and places sometimes means making forests.'"

rainforest people rainforest

Forest Pictures: Make A Selection

How to Support Forest Voices

By purchasing prints or making a donation, you are joining the growing number of supporters for our projects. Proceeds are used to pay allowances for staff and volunteers and offset costs related to running workshops and preparing materials.

There are a few ways you can contribute:

Production and Shipping Details

  • All work is produced in Malaysia, except in certain circumstances, using Epson 3800 and 7900 pigment printers using Ilford Silver Pearl papers.

  • Production and printing are done by the photographer Noah Jackson.

  • Images are guaranteed from fading and work is shipped flat with image stories and paperwork.
  • Orders can be made by email. More details can be found at
    Forest Voices-Hope in Light

Thanks for Your Support!


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Forest Voices

Forest Voices works to preserve forest knowledge of indigenous communities using participatory techniques to nurture dialogues among and between communities.

This collaboration inspires community-driven forest management projects. We provide tools and training for forest communities to document their forest knowledge and management using photography, video, and participatory methods.

This is a working art, as much inspirational as it is practical. This gives communities a voice to create a future that reconciles differences and maintains hope and health that keeps both forests and communities thriving.


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