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A colonial relic, Frasers Hill is full of history and natural splendor swathed in blankets of cloud forests.

Nestled in the lower mountains of the Main Range, this highland destination is the least developed, but probably the most beloved of Malaysia's hill stations.

A quick history lesson. Named after Louis James Fraser, a Scotsman who around 1890 used mules to ferry goods, found rich tin deposits, set up opium and gambling dens for Chinese workers, made a fortune from all of this and then disappeared without a trace.

Clergymen 'rediscovered' the site in 1917 and the British revamped the location in psudo-Tudor style as a getaway for government officials and others to escape the heat and humidity of the lowlands.

Today, this hilltop sanctuary remains a cool place to go for birdwatching, jungle trekking, nature scenery and other rainforest ecotourism activities.

What can you really expect from a nature outing to Fraser's Hill?

  • Hike and explore the easy forest trails full of jungle plants and scenic sights.
  • Hook up with a bird guide and learn how to spot dozens of local species.
  • Bring your camera and search for siamangs, leaf monkeys, gibbons or flying lemurs.
  • Head over to Jeriau Waterfall for a picnic party and swim.

Whatever you decide to do, escape the tropic heat and revel in the mountain air to recharge your senses.

Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill

Frasers Hill: Sights and Sounds

Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill

10 Fascinating Features About Frasers Hill

Nature extrudes from every nook and cranny of the hills and valleys that make this place a magical misty haven. Take the time to absorb the atmosphere, notice the small things and marvel at the majestic animals.

  • There are actually seven hills with altitudes between 1220 to 1525 meters (4000 - 5000 feet).
  • With over 260 species of birds, it is recognized as a world class birdwatching site.
  • There are over 900 species of flowering plants with at least 30 occurring only in Frasers Hill.
  • Frasers Hill is the lowest of the three major hill stations - Genting and Cameron Highlands - on the Main Range.
  • Most of the habitat is upper hill dipterocarp and lower montane forests.
  • Hear the odd call of the largest gibbon species, the Siamang, cutting through the early morning mist.
  • Scan the trails for orchids, rattans, gingers, lianas or find signs of wild boar.
  • Some protected mammals include tigers, leaf-monkeys, porcupine, lesser mouse deer and civets.
  • Look for unique flora like pitcher plants, known as Nepenthes species.
  • Take a night walk and listen for the Scops owl or spot the eye-shine of insects and mammals.

The Eight Rainforest Trails of Frasers Hill

Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill

Abu Suradi Trail 500 metres A steep and short start pumps up the heart for an easy walk through on a level pathway that merges with the start of the Mager Trail. Start just across from the mosque.
Bishop Trail 1500 metres A good trek with narrow paths, scenic bends and up and down slope climbs aided with steps and ropes. Good views of jungle plants like Strangler figs with small creek crossings, birdsong with possible monkey sightings in early morning.
Hemmant Trail 1000 metres An easy walk behind the golf course for a quick stroll anytime of the day to enjoy the cooler atmosphere and a brisk bit of exercise. Start at either end, near the mosque across from Abu Suradi Trail or near the junction to Muar Cottage.
Kindersley Trail 750 metres A wide and level path with a few minor obstacles to cross.
Mager Trail 1000 metres Start near the Gap Gate for an uphill climb or go down slope from the merger junction with the Abu Suradi Trail. The pathway shows signs of wild boar with rooting and wallow sites and offers a good workout.
Maxwell Trail 1800 metres Officially closed, the trail extends from Bishop Trail at the Muar Cottage trail exit and ends at Corona Nursery. A good trail for strangler figs, monkey sightings and wild ginger, follow it around a few forested bends and then head back to the Bishop Trail junction.
Pine Tree Trail 5000 metres A long hike up and down forested hillslopes that takes all day (8-10 hours) due to returning back on the same path. Not suitable for children or the unfit.
Rompin Trail 500 metres An easy path that is a shortcut to and from town for residents living down the hill.

The Frasers Hill Annual International Bird Race

Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill Fraser's Hill

Every year birdwatchers flock to the annual International Bird Race that pits binocular-laden teams against each other.

The goal is to spot and identify the most number of bird species within a 24-hour period.

This prestigious event for birders keen to test their feather-brained wits against the elements of the montane forest. Safety is secondary to spotting avian animals as bodies hang out of cars cruising the switchback roads criss-crossing the valleys.

Global participants try to out-sight each other as both local and migratory species are registered in the official list.

Frasers Hill marks a special place on the world map. It is on the main flyway route for birds migrating to Malaysia to escape the winter season in northern Asia. The oak and laurel trees provide habitats for both lowland and mountain bird species to come together.

So get your bird guidebook out and start to learn the lingo ... silver-eared mesia, long-tailed sibia, spiderhunters, flycatchers, fantails, bulbuls, babblers and flowerpeckers ... hmmm, just 250 more to go.

Frasers Hill: General Information

What To Expect And What To Bring

  • Warm, pleasant days, and cool nights with misty mornings and drizzly afternoons
  • Walking for exercise, jungle trekking, outdoor photography, birdwatching at any time
  • Bring hiking boots and leech socks for jungle trails; tennis shoes for road walks
  • Carry binoculars for birdwatching and monkey spotting
  • Need light rain gear and sweaters or hoodies for chilly evenings
  • Guide books to identify rainforest birds
  • Swimming for kids available at Jeriau Waterfall
  • Medical kit for mild irritations from leech bites
  • No bus service to the hill station; taxi service from KL is negotiable

Getting There

There is the old road and the new road. For now the new road is closed due to landslides, so the old one-lane Gap Road with alternating hours for going up and down is the only option.

REMINDER: Fill-up your petrol tank before going to Fraser's Hill; there are no gas stations available.

  • Follow Route 1 past Rawang on the way to Kuala Kubu Bahru.
  • Follow the signs for KKB and look for the Route 55 turnoff to the right at Kampung Napi.
  • After reaching KKB, turn right at the traffic light junction towards the Selangor Dam.
  • Pass by the Selangor Dam on your left and follow the windy road all the way to the Gap Gate.
  • Park your car in line at the gate entry to wait for the uphill journey starting on odd hours.
  • Go slow and safe on the stomach-twisting 20-30 minute drive up to the clock tower of Frasers Hill.

Frasers Hill Frasers Hill Frasers Hill


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